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About Us 

   Meet Chaplain Ron Baker who is  our President.   Chaplain Baker has a finger on and the heartbeat of, each aspect of the ministry.  Chaplain Ron Baker has been with Dayspring Ministries for many years working side by side with Bob Dickenson.Dayspring President Ron Baker

How it all started

Founder Chaplain Robert (Bob) DickensonBrother Bob Dickenson  is the founder and first President of Dayspring Ministries, he started going into the jails and prisons in 1966.  From there we grew into what is known today as Daysprings Ministries.

Dayspring Ministries was incorporated in 1983.  Bob or Brother Bob as he is more commonly known has been involved in prison ministry more than 42 years.  He led a group of seven board members as well as overseeing the logistics of more than 1500 services per year, with 75 active volunteer workers.  Chaplain Dickenson is an ordained minister and speaks where ever he has the opportunity.

Our Ministry within the local church:
Our ministry within the local church is to introduce churches to jails and prisons as Home Mission Fields. We encourage people from the local church to write Spirit led letters to inmates, encouraging them and perhaps winning them to Jesus Christ, disciplining them to live for God.

We also recruit those who will visit and minister inside the jails and prisons.

We are open for ministry to individuals off the street by way of personal counseling, and/or by Christian videos available to any who may walk in.